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Tim Adams

ADSC_0080bout four years ago, Timothy Adams attended a Christian seminar about Biblical astronomy in his city of residence, Portland, OR. He was astonished to see information that portended what he calls “types” of Christ among the Constellations. As a young man he had been fascinated by the Greek myths and the stories of the hero’s and monsters. At the presentation he thought that the speaker should be using those myths to help make the point of the subject matter. Knowing little of the topic, he instinctively knew throughout the presentation that vital details were being left out and missed. For months afterward, the thought nagged at him that someone ought to organize the material and research the ideas more deeply; someone other than himself.

Almost a year later he sat down and pondered: "If I were to write about this topic where would I start?" Immediately after sitting down he began writing, and this book is the result of that decision.

His father is an Art Historian recently retired from Nazareth College in Rochester New York, and Tim, like his brothers and sisters, had access to some of their father′s publications dealing with High Gothic architecture with their symbolic representations on those structures. “Reading” the icons of those early Cathedrals was not unlike deciphering the icons in the Heavens, during which some fantastic discoveries were made, including a pattern that later emerged.

Approximately 70% of the ideas are original to the author and therefore organized in such a way as to illustrate specific teachings from an earlier era.

Tim is married to Katy McArthur wife of 30 years, and a Father of six kids, three married, one passed on in infancy, and two at home in Beaverton Oregon.


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