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Details of Hammath Tiberius Synagogue mosaic photographed next to the Sea of Galilee in Israel having Tabernacle items placed next to signs of the zodiac. What are these two images doing side-by-side in a Jewish Synagogue? Why are there a least 9 other Synagogue’s from the 2nd to 4th century AD that have been unearthed in the land of Israel with these same images next to each other?  Do the signs correlate to ancient Israel?  If so how? 

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Image of Opiuchus the thirteenth sign of the zodiac resembles this statue of Lacoon and his sons (of the Greek myths) from the Vatican Museum.  While the stories differ from one another the statue may have had its origin from the constellation in the heavens.  Why would Opiuchus be the thirteenth sign?  Do some of the myths portray the icons in heavens, or are the myths corruptions of a true symbolic narrative?

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Nike Samothrace housed in the Louvre mirrors the constellation Virgo (the virgin) in design.   The Temple of Nike in Athens was oriented to the setting of “spica” about 1130 BC.  Spica is the main star in the grain of barley in Virgo’s hand!  The legends of Athens combine the goddess of Nike and Athena, and who like Athena both were virgins.  What is the scriptural and symbolic reference of the virgin and what or who does she represent?  The answer is in chapter 5